The Proposify Bible: The Insider's Guide to Proposify by Ice Nine

The Proposify Bible: The Insider's Guide to Proposify

Stuck looking for an answer to a question about Proposify? You're not alone. That's why we put together this eBook to answer all your questions. And we mean ALL of them.

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This eBook is for everyone using Proposify. It contains all the tips, tricks, answers, and secrets you need to know to use Proposify like a champion.

Proposify is a fantastic software for managing proposals that expertly manages a simple interface with powerful sales functionality. There's thousands of use cases for the software, which means there's thousands of questions to be answered. You could scour the 'net for dozens of hours searching for the answers to your questions, but because we want you to close sales like a pro, we've done all the hard work and research for you. 

Get answers to the top 10 most-asked Proposify questions, such as...

  • Can I upload my own fonts?
  • How do I upload my existing Proposal into Proposify?
  • How do I save a proposal as a template?
  • How do I add columns to tables?
  • How do I print my proposal? 
  • If a proposal is sent and I want to make edits, will clients see the changes live or do I need to resend?
  • I've hit my proposal limit! How do I get more? 
  • Can I export my Proposify data?
  • Can clients view proposals I've archived?
And a LOT more questions -- too many to list. If you have a question about Proposify, the answer is in this guide.

Plus pro tips across a huge range of Proposify topics, including...

  • Using the Proposify editor
  • Using Proposify templates
  • Using typography styles
  • Proposal layout and setup

So what are you waiting for? Get instant access to this free guide so you can learn to master Proposify.

Note: In order to use this guide, you must sign up for Proposify. There’s a 14-day free trial.

What's included?

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The Proposify Bible
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I read through the entire guide and couldn't find an answer to my question!

We want this to be the ultimate resource for anyone using Proposify. If there's a topic we haven't covered here, please shoot us an email at [email protected] -- we'll find an answer to your question for you and so we can improve this guide.

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